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Newport's "cruising" fleet is something of a misnomer. We have a mix of boats, including  day sailers, a former Olympic racing class, and small cruiser/racers, with a wide variety of models. We have a good representation of both the Catalina 22 (Newport Yacht Club is the official home of the local C-22 fleet), and the O'Day Mariner. Several other designs are represented in our fleet, including an Ensign, Bullseye, Aquarius 23, Cape Dory 22, O'Day Rhodes 19, Flying Dutchman, Venture 21, a custom built cruiser, and a Grampian 26.

List of many Boats Suitable for Docking at Newport Yacht Club
Some of our members participate in the Thursday Night racing program, which is conducted on handicap basis using the Portsmouth Number system. Racing is followed by a cookout, featuring hots and burgers.
We also have an informal get-together once a month during the season. This is known as the Full Moon Cruise. Cruising Fleet members frequently gather for informal picnics at the club


A cruising fleet member
on Picture Day '08

In 2009 we held a Picture Day, which allowed participants to take photos of each other's boats. We also had a club member on shore who took pictures of each of the boats. CDs were given to each participating fleet member. We hope to repeat this day in 2010.
Plans for the 2010 season are still being formed, but will probably include a "Tune-Up Day" when we will help members in getting their rigs set up and discuss how to get the most out of each design. We also expect to have a pot luck dinner at the club before launching in the Spring. And we will encourage members to come out and race on Thursday evenings.
New members to the fleet are always welcome. For more information please contact Fleet Captain , via email



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