Some Boats Suitable for Docking at Newport Yacht Club 

Being able to leave your small boat in the water is a luxury, especially if the boat has a fixed keel. Newport Yacht Club has a limited ability to accept boats other than Lasers, Snipes or Lightnings. We have a few wet slips These are narrow, only about eight feet side, or maybe a few inches more. We currently have several members with boats that are eight feet wide (beam). But it really will be better if new boats brought into the club are much less that eight feet in beam. That gives them some tolerance for moving around in their slips as may be dictated by wind or waves (think power boat wakes). There are many narrow boats of around and under 25 feet. Here is a short list of a few such boats: 

  • O'Day/Stuart Mariner* (keel or centerboard) These are popular boats with four berths. in a small cabin. 19' feet long,beam 7,' weighs 1350 pounds and have self-bailing cockpits. Very early examples may have either a keel or centerboard, with only two berths and a deeper, non-self-bailing cockpit. There is an active One-Design Association.
  • *O'Day/Stuart Rhodes 19* (keel or centerboard) - These are a great one design racing class (at least in the keel version) which makes a great family daysailer. There is a small cuddy cabin (covered, but open to the cockpit) stowing lunch, rain gear, or providing napping space for little ones. They use the same hull as the Mariner, but with a different deck. Both have a beam of 7.' There is an active One-Design association.
  • *Catalina 22 (either swing or fixed keel) - 7' 8" beam This is a popular boat at Newport Yacht Club, with several in membership. There are several variants but they mostly have four berths, some sort of galley and dining arrangement, and a self-bailing cockpit. NYC is the home of the local C-22 fleet of the strong national class association.
  • *Ideal 18 (keel) This boat would be great at Newport Yacht Club. It's narrow beam will fit handily in any of our boat slips. It has a self-bailing cockpit and a self-tacking jib makes it perfect for singlehanding, while the cockpit is large enough to accommodate two adults plus a couple of kids, with room for a cooler and picnic hamper. It was designed by Bruce Kirby, who also designed the Laser, as well as many other boats. The all-fiberglass construction makes the Ideal 18 easy to keep up, while it's 3' draft means it can sail in all the most shallow waters. Both new and used boats are available.
  • Stone Horse (keel) This is a fiberglass version of a 1930s daysailer/overnighter. It is a beautiful, popular, classic design, 23' long and a beam of 7'1." Quickstep (keel) This is a clever, seaworthy, 24 foot, cruising design that is popular in New England. There are a couple on Sodus Bay.
  • Hinterhoeller Shark 24 (keel) - 6'10" beam, self bailing cockpit, four berths. A great boat for Lake Ontario, it's raced as a one-design in the Toronto area and all over the west end of the lake. Three foot draft. RCR Yachts presently has one for sale.
  • Cape Cod Bull's Eye* (keel) - beam 5' 10" - a 16' daysailer with a small cuddy to hold lunch, extra clothes, etc. This boat requires only 2' 3" of water to float freely. Has a self-tacking jib, which is handy for singlehanding.  
  • Others:
  • Venture 17 (Swing keel)
  • Venture 21* (Swing keel) - 7' beam
  • Venture 24 (Swing keel)
  • MacGregor 24 (swing keel)
  • Cape Cod Mercury (keel or centerboard)
  • Soling (keel) - 6'3" beam This 27 footer was once an Olympic class. It sails well
  • NorseBoat 17.5 (centerboard)
  • Laser SB3 (retractable keel)
  • Melges Audi 20 (retractable keel)
  • Catalina/Capri 18 (keel)
  • West Wight Potter (daggerboard)
  • Cape Dory Typhoon (keel)
  • Cal 20 (keel)
  • Cal 21 (Swing keel)
  • O'Day 20 (keel/centerboard) - 7' beam
  • O"Day 22* (keel) 7'2" beam
  • Sea Sprite 23 (keel) - beam 7'
  • * Indicates at least one example docked at Newport Yacht Club. 

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