Welcome to the Newport Yacht Club, an informal family-oriented sailing club devoted to small boat sailing and racing. While our facilities are primarily oriented toward sailing, they are also available for the private and business use of members. Our fully-equipped clubhouse and kitchen is available throughout the year, although the club does not have a restaurant that serves meals. Our porch and picnic area have a spectacular view of Irondequoit Bay. Opportunities to learn more about sailing include: seminars, sailing and crewing with more experienced sailors.

Newport Yacht Club is successful because our members participate in all aspects of the club's management. At the annual Spring and Fall Work Days, members join together to complete the maintenance of the facilities in order to keep them in good condition. Members may be asked to participate in special projects or to serve as committee members or officers of the club. Members are also expected to participate in four general membership meetings a year (in person or by proxy).

NYC Prospective Member Handbook & Application

Newport Yacht Club 2018 Fee Schedule

Membership / year

- Regular Dues


- Junior / Associate Dues


Boat Fees / year

- Dock/haul-out primary boat (Cruising, Lightning, Snipe) *


- Rackable primary boat $395

- Junior/Associate dock haul-out boat


- Dock/haul-out 2nd/additional boat


- Rackable 2nd/additional boat


- Optimist or similar Junior sailboat


- Canoe / kayak (as space is available)


- Locker fee (if available)


- Cruiser Winter Storage (if available)


Other fees

- Missed Work Party Fine


- Missed Meeting Fine


Initiation Fee

- One time, paid in 3 installments over 4 years ( $0, $200, $200, $200 )  


‡ Plus applicable sales tax

* Always considered primary boat if you also have a rackable boat.

We hope that our web site has inspired you to visit Newport Yacht Club. We encourage you to apply for membership because the club is interested in expanding its membership at this time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the members of the Membership Committee and/or the Fleet Captains listed below. The Prospective Members Handbook (with membership application included) is available at the clubhouse or from any member of the Membership Committee.

Membership Chairman
Lynn Bluett
Membership Chair

We hope to see you at the Newport Yacht Club soon...

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